The FHS Booster Club supports Frederick High School extracurricular activities in a variety of ways. One way the Booster Club assists students is to provide a funding source for equipment, banquets, supplies, assemblies, etc., for FHS students involved in those extracurricular activities sanctioned or sponsored by Frederick High School. The FHS Booster Club’s financial support exists to provide funding that otherwise would not be available through FHS or School District budgets. It is the intent of the Booster Club to contribute money that directly benefits the students of Frederick High School.

Grant requests are considered three times per year, September, December and March. 33.3% of the Booster Club’s annual grant budget will be dispersed at each grant meeting.  The “Request to Fund” form must be completed in full and forwarded to by the first Friday of September, December and March.

For the 2016-2017 school year the following Requested Grants were awarded:

  • Boys Basketball: $500
  • Cross Country: $500
  • Girls Basketball:$750
  • Golf: $750
  • Varsity Blue: $750
  • Softball: $750
  • Volleyball: $500

The following are guidelines that apply to FHS Booster Club grant requests. All grant requests are subject to the availability of funds in the Booster Club’s account and budget. Open the link below to read all the guidelines, and submit the Request to Fund form.

FHS Cawthra Batting