Board Members

Elections for 2019-2020 Board positions will be held on April 8th at the Booster Meeting. The open positions are President, Bingo Manager and Co-Concessions Managers.

Job descriptions for the open positions.

  • Co-President: We have a person who will be president but would like to share the position – Oversee the Booster calendar, work with school administration, run board meetings, manage the plans and workload of the Booster Board and ensure that the Board operates per the bylaws.
  • Co-concessions Managers:  Track Inventory and purchase supplies for the concession stand, manage schedule, maintain financials.
  • Bingo Manager:  Schedule groups,  purchase supplies, maintain inventory, maintain financials with behind the scenes support. Attend all Board Meetings.

Current Board Members 2020-2021:

President: Maureen Schroth

Vice-President: Claudia Ahlstrom

Treasurer: Brittani Piesik

Secretary: Chris Tone

Public Relations:

Concessions Manager: Kristine LaCrone

Games Manager: Christina Clark